Audio-receiver, CD-quality

Highly recommended for:

  • music playback in CD-quality
  • music-synchrone fireworks, indoor or outdoor
  • music playback at more than one and different places

Specification in detail

  • tight case (H x B x T [mm]): 56 x 103 x 230
  • case made from rigid aluminum-profiles
  • independency of local audio playback devices
  • different audio-outputs: Line out, loudspeaker, headphones
  • compatible to each audio amplifier
  • plays music on trigger by radio signal
  • CD-quality, 44100 Hz, 16 bit
  • no mechanical switching components
  • easy and cler handling + remote programming possible
  • display of important parametrs in standby-state
  • individual programming of activation channel
  • illumnated full-text display
  • monitoring of rechargeable battery and radio-band
  • battery empty warning
  • possibility, to stop audio output during fireworks
  • pause-function during playback
  • endless-function for playback
  • high quality electronics and radio components