Output and step extension with 10 outputs

Highly recommended for:

  • output extension for any ignition system
  • low-cost step-sequences
  • fires ignitors every types
  • trigger of magnetic valves or glow-wires
  • activation of electric confetti shooters

Specification in detail

  • tight case (H x B x D [mm]): 56 x 103 x 397
  • case Gmade from rigid aluminum-profiles
  • no mechanical switching components
  • ignition voltage 12 V, current 10 A
  • short circuit save outputs
  • easy and clear handling/programming
  • display of important parameters in standby-state
  • any step sequences programmable
  • cascadable devices
  • illuminated full text display
  • monitoring of battery charge
  • battery empty warning
  • connection of external output modules
  • ignitor test funktion + measuring of resistance
  • high quality electronics
  • two possibilities to trigger: Closing contact and external voltage
  • AC or DC applicable with an under threshod of 40 mA (max. 400V)
  • galvanic separation of trigger inputs
  • combinable with any ignition system