Sale of fireworks

   Do you need pyrotechnical articles during the year for a particular accasion, such as for a theatre performance or an anniversary? But you still don´t exactly what you whant to use for your purpose ideally or how you can use it? Let us help you. We provide you the desired material. For items to ignite electrically you can rent your ignition system.
Price lists for new year´s Eve fireworks and stage effects you can download here, conveniently fill out and send us.
Note: For the burning and the purchase of fireworks of category F2 (new year´s Eve fireworks) in the time of the Jan. 1st to Dec. 28th, you need an exemption in accordance with § 24, Abs. 1 of 1. SprengV by your authority. We like to help.
 Please send us an email: info[at]ignis-zuendtechnik[dot]de. Thank you for making us a message.