Fascination Fireworks - The stage is the sky

For a perfect fireworks display a sophisticated ignition technique is necessary. Parallel to the development of electronics and software, ignis-Zündtechnik has evolved since company foundation to a popular vendor for fireworks in all ranges. Ignis customers appreciate the creativity and conceptual experience of the ignis teams as well as the personal advice and professional realization of fireworks crowds will be speechless with effects.

For corporate clients and private clients, that breathtaking moments would present their guests on events and celebrations, the ignis-Zündtechnik company created individual Fireworks. The customized experience is planned budget, taking into account special wishes and local circumstances. All formalities with authorities handles ignis Zündtechik for you.

Since the company operates own explosives stores for all storage groups, large pyrotechnics quantities held in stock and ignis has an above-average product portfolio with extensive variety of effect.

When selecting the effects ignis exclusively use pyrotechnical articles CE-tested according to the 1 SprengV and places an emphasis on brilliant colors, durability of effect and sophisticated effect combinations.

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Benefit from the know-how which ignis-Zündtechnik as a developer and producer of high-quality wireless firing systems incorporates directly in the conception of fireworks. 

Over the years of the development of sophisticated control technology, ignis ignition technology has produced many innovations today often copied (such as matrix-receiver, ext. output modules). Also performing music synchronous fireworks is made possible by the modern technology. Large-scale productions with launch points distributed on several sites, which is realized via radio-controlled ignis ignition technology, provide fascinating and unique experiences. But even smaller fireworks the wireless ignition technology offers several advantages: special effects such as broad fronts, quilted effects or wandering comets can be cost-neutral

Due to long-term cooperation with reliable partners in the fields of laser, light and sound technology, spectacular multimedia shows can be realized, which appeal to all the senses of the audience.

Some examples of satisfied ignis customers you find in the references.

If you are planning a fireworks display, you can check here about the necessary safety distances before a detailed advice from us.